Humanities Human Figure in Art Work Essay

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Humanism vs. Realism with Focus of Human Figure Artwork Middle Eastern, Egyptian and Greek Civilizations Throughout history the human figure has been demonstrated in Middle Eastern, Egyptian and Greek sculptures and paintings. Most of these artifacts tend to focus more on humanism than realism due to Rulers and Gods, geographical areas, resources and events thus, giving them the idea for the theme of the art they create. These are the reasons that might explain their commonalities or differences in the representation of the human figure. For example, during one of our earliest cultures, the Paleolithic period, the Women of Willendorf sculpture portrays a grossly heavy female figure representing fertility and beauty of being…show more content…
A perfect example of this type of sculpture was the Human-Headed winged Lion called the Gate Monster which was made out of limestone, 10 feet, 2.5 inches high, a human head , five legs and body of a winged lion (Benton & DiYanni , p.13) . In comparison, of the Great Sphinx, Giza, this also has a human head and animal body therefore this doesn't represent realism either. In contrast, the (“human head represents a ruler, a Pharaoh out of sandstone and it was enormous 65 feet in height”). In Persia, the Tribute Bearers Bringing Offerings relief sculpture, the human male figures look all alike except for their heights, head coverings and items they have brought, however their stance is not natural. In comparison, the Egyptian sculpture of Pharaoh Mycerinus and Queen Khamerernebty and the Greece sculpture Kouros, both statues pose with one leg forward and their weight is equal on both, therefore giving them the appearance that they can't move (Benton & DiYanni , p. 64). More comparisons also include the Tribute Bearers Bringing Offerings relief sculpture, their faces are not straight forward, just showing profiles much like the Egyptian wall 2 paintings Nobleman Hunting in the Marshes and Ti Watching a Hippopotamus. All of these art forms are labeled under humanism. In contrast, is the Musicians and and Dancers Egyptian wall painting where there are two women facing forward as well as

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