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The Renaissance and Baroque periods in European history played an important role in the development of humanities in their respectable age. During these periods it established a time of rebirth in humanisms and improvement of cultural accomplishments. The Renaissance period provided artistic freedom and individualism. It began around the 14th century in Italy and spread throughout Europe until the 16th century. Renaissance means “rebirth” and humanism of the renaissance artist was to express themselves after the medieval traditions in the Middle Ages. The Middle Ages art was arranged in periods and distinguish by style. The Middle Ages included Gothic, Romanesque, Early Christian and Byzantine art periods. Art during the Renaissance…show more content…
The Renaissance period also gave birth to the natural sciences that included astronomy, geology and evolution. The 16th and 18th century Baroque period was known throughout Europe, North and South America but originated in Rome, Italy. The Baroque period gave way to a time of emotionally expression through paintings, art, music, literature and politics as its platform. The Roman Catholic churches became influential during the Baroque period because of religious transformation as a reaction to the Protestant Reformation. The Roman Catholic Church decided to use Baroque art to communicate religious and biblical themes to their advantage by requesting painters to paint religious pictures. Catholic painter Peter Paul Rubens drew inspiration from his religious background and painted the Marie de’ Medici to show his respect to the Roman Catholic Church. The Roman Catholic churches’ purpose for using religious paintings was to reach the less fortunate of their society. Those who were uneducated and in the minority sector; by this they would connect and reach others so that they would return to their belief in the catholic faith. During the Baroque period the Catholic faith praised the church for their power and influence. The Baroque art movement focused on unity and harmony and incorporated a style that consists of drama. This type of art was forceful, sensual, extravagant and bursting with energy and gave
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