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1. Why are you taking this course? I am taking this course as a prerequisite for my AA degree, I am still an undecided major, but I think I will major in business because there are many career opportunities in that area. I also think that taking a humanities class is an important prerequisite for students to view how certain developments of different cultures came into play and how some literary works of culture may still be used to this day. 2. Tell me what you like best AND least about this course. So far, I liked learning about the five gifts of humanities, how people can view themselves as an Apollonian or Dionysian, understanding Olympian gods and goddesses, and different myths. What I like least about the course is trying to understand…show more content…
On the other hand, a guy work I work with is really into seeing movies in the theater he said he saw the movie “Jason Bourne” he said “I really loved this movie because I saw all of the other ones, and so I knew I would really like the new one, one of my favorite parts of the movie I saw was when there was the action packed scene.” I knew he was talking like an Apollonian. 5. Tell me which personality you are - Apollonian or Dionysian - and why. I am Apollonian, because when it comes to working or getting a task done I like to make sure I get it done the right way the first time, I am a very organized person knowing when specific things are due on dates and keeping my office space neat where files are labeled. I am efficient with my time and I try not to be late to class, work, or any events. 6. Ask me any questions or discuss anything else you want to tell me. – Will we be tested on the myths stories from start to end of the story or only specific parts of the myth story? I also looked ahead and saw we would cover Ancient Greek Tragedies would we have to memorize the whole story or only important major events that happened throughout the stories? If you were to give a simple life tip to a young student like myself, what would you recommend?
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