Humanity In Action Case Study

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I hope that you are doing well and enjoying the start of break. I am grateful for the chance to catch up with family and friends and be back home in NYC. After, I met with you last week I had the opportunity to meet with the Director of the Office of Honors Scholarships and she recommended that I apply for a competitive summer program called Humanity in Action, which aims to "facilitate a collective exploration of the social and political roots of discrimination in The Netherlands and to provide a forum for the discussion of potential solutions." I am interested in this program because I feel that it will allow me to further develop my skills as advocate for individuals with disabilities as well as gaining an understanding of other important issues that we face as a global society.…show more content…
I recognize that this is not an ideal amount of time but I wanted to reach out and see if you might be available to be one of my recommenders. If you do not have time, I completely understand. The guideline for the letter is as follows: "Letters of recommendation should assess both your academic and extracurricular performance, as well as your engagement and working style in group
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