Humanity In John Steinbeck's 'The Biased Eye'

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" The Biased Eye" is all about how humanity with out thinking makes stereo types and wants its self to look better then others. "WWYD" is about the same things but tested in real life situations, it makes us ALERT to what life really is. To see what real life people would do in real life problems. Because when it comes to it humanity is all about the ego. But is that a FLAW? Starting with homeless violence, many people just walked by and stared at the NEGLECT. The only reason they didn't help was because they didn't want to get involved with someone that is viewed as dirty or lesser. There was a DEARTH supply of people who actually did something and that was because they felt bad and they didn't wanting that to happen to them. So even though…show more content…
When people didn't help it was they "didn't want to get involved." Or "its not are plane, glad we aren't on that plane." Then when people did help it was because they would want someone to do the same if it was their flight. At the end of the day no one ENTREATED the pilot to stay. Either its not their flight to what if it was mine people are the same. The NOVELTY is they only do thing threw the act of them selves. Last is children on leashes and how people will react. When people where PRUDENT it was because they saw it as embarrassing because they they would be embarrassed. Then when people just walked by it wasn't a big deal because no one was a big threat of danger at that point in time.especially at the beginning it was very CIVIL, until they brought the dog in. Back to when people did help it was because they could relate, like one girl had kids so she felt uncomfortable and at dismay. Humanity we are full of ego we only do anything with are selves in mind. Always making sure that are life is how we want it be and that we look good. But is that bad if every one like are PEERS does it and most the time with out thinking? Some people are more OBLIGING to get involved. We show are egos ing different way but the common thread is are life and everything we do is revolved around are
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