Humanity In The Hunger Games

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Human interaction, culture and the ways of living within a society can be altered in order for the rehabilitation of humanity. The Hunger Games is based on what was once North America now called Panem, a nation separated into twelve districts each functioning individually but all connected and dictated by President snow. The division between districts within the Capitols jurisdiction causes chaos which is created by President Snow who supports the hierarchy of power, creating an unstable city and leaving most poor districts to survive and wealthy districts to thrive. Human behavior and humanity are displayed throughout The Hunger Games but it is predominantly shown between the function and the structure of The Hunger Games, the districts and their cultures and the main character and how she survives in a post-apocalyptic world. The Hunger Games is a complex
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In The Hunger Games each district has its own distinct culture, district twelve and the Capitol differs from one another. District twelve is a poor district, the main occupation is coal mining and most of the citizens are just surviving making them family oriented such as Katniss caring for both her mother and Primrose. Katniss provided for her family and took care of them when their father died, this shows how the culture of district twelve by the way she is being selfless. The Captiol is rich, the main occupation is law making and help running Panem, most of the citizens are thriving with their lavish belongings making them vain and materialistic. An example of this is when Effie, the host of the reaping, she cares about Katniss's appearance and the things she wears, this is because the Capitol's citizens are so focused on materialistic things so they can distract themselves from the fragile state of
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