Humanity Is Lost Because People Have Abandoned Using Their

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Humanity is lost because people have abandoned using their conscience as their compass. In Markus Zusak’s novel, The Book Thief, as a narrator, Death tells the story of a young girl who loves nothing more than reading books, all the while she struggles to survive and thrive under the glare of book burning Nazis; coming face to face with the beauty and brutality of human nature. In the Book Thief, Zusak portrays the extreme kindness and cruelty of humanity and through Death’s perception of Hans, Rudy, and Liesel effectively illustrates the complexities of the human race. One example of the complexities of the human race that death discovers is the beauty, but also brutality that we as collective human beings are capable of. Death…show more content…
Soon after the incident, one of the Nazi soldiers mercilessly whips Hans and the Jewish man. The act of beating both men is cruel to begin with, but its cruelty is heightened by the fact that it comes in response to Hans’s kindness. The kindness of Hans and the immorality of the Nazi party is one of many occurrences that lead death to the question the worth of humanity in the first place. Another example of how death perceives the complexity of the human race is shown through the actions of Rudy Steiner. Throughout the novel Death struggles to comprehend, not only the good and evil of humanity but of individuals. In one passage, Death directly comments on Rudy’s fate, “In years to come, he would be a giver of bread, not a stealer-proof again of the contradictory of human beings. So much good, so much evil, Just add water”(164). Death describes Rudy’s transition from cruel to kind. For Rudy, at first stealing was something he could control in an environment where every moral code and law he ever held lost all meaning. After Rudy’s father was drafted to war, by the Nazi’s Rudy’s perception changed and he developed a certain animosity for the war. The small act of giving bread was Rudy’s way of rebelling. As Death ponders the good and evil of the world he says, “Just add water” insinuating Rudy along with the rest of the human race needs to be washed of their cruelty and
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