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Humanity in Science Fiction
The human experience can be well characterized by certain parts of the media we create. We reflect what we feel and face in our lives, in what we create, especially in our music and writing. The science fiction we create is especially reflective of these things, because it is often written in a way that explores the human condition as it is and as it may be in the future. These pieces of media do more than demonstrate the ideas of those who create them, they provide us with insight into the state of society at the time they were produced, allowing us to see the themes that are constant over the centuries. One of these themes is the struggle we face between the drive to do what we see as right and the instinct to
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One example of this is the fixation the main character, Valentine Michael Smith, seems to have with the breasts of Jill, who happens to be the only female lead in the story. This fascination is played off as scientific curiosity, Smith was raised on mars and has never seen a human woman before, and the first reference to it may well be, but it is reinforced repeatedly despite not truly being important to the plot. This is actually a subtle way to undermine Jill’s status as a main character, sexualizing her without reason to detract from the potential she has as a part of the story. Acknowledging this for the sleight it is, allows us to see the prevalence of this throughout our media and our daily lives, even today.
One of the darker parts of humanity is the tendency of the dominant group to find subtle ways to keep other groups from advancing, often my making them into objects and stereotypes in media. This is something we have been fighting as long as we have existed as a society, and we are still fighting it today. The video gaming industry is one of the more modern forms of media to fall prey to this attack on minorities. The Mass Effect series, for example, is one of the most popular sci-fi game franchises in the world. Set in the future of humanity, when humans have discovered a way to travel between galaxies, and that we are one of the latest intelligent species to
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