Humanity's Digital Evolution

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Humanity's Digital Evolution Over the past ten to fifteen years, mankind and technology have been heading into the future. Our society as a whole has become almost codependent on technology. As I walked into Temple College for my first semester it was as if nobody was there, yet the halls were full of people. The walls where lined with people on their cell phones, tables, and laptops. As I stood there hardly anybody glanced at each other. As I stood by the door I asked a person right next to me if this was the English class. I got no response he was texting, so I waited a little then asked again . This time as if I just appeared he jumped a little and said "I didn't see you there, were you saying something". I got my answer he went back to…show more content…
5797). This maybe a result of not having deep or meaning full conversation. Paying attention may be the hardest thing to do in this App-friendly world. With current trend in social media, the news, and the internet. Our attention span has gone from "12 minutes in 2001 to 5 minutes 2011"( Vidyarthi, 201, p. 1). It tends bombard people with information and as a result our brains are starting to adapt. In a book by Nicholas Carr 'THE SHALLOWS: WHAT THE INTERNET IS DOING TO OUR BRAINS' . He said after talks with Neuroscientists and psychologists is that our brains are "Very malleable, they adapt at the cellular level to whatever we happen to be doing. And so the more time we spend surfing, and skimming, and scanning ... the more adept we become at that mode of thinking" (Carr, 2010, p. 1). Leading to people thinking that their good at multitasking. With more social research being put into technology more scientists and other professionals are finding that multitasking is bad for you. like driving and texting which is still on the rise. Another example: I'm hearing more and more often from one of my friends or somebody else about going out on a date or talking to someone. Then the other person pulls out their cell phone and starts texting in the middle of the conversation. Even some of my own friend do this to me
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