Humankind Has Been Tremendously Defined By Love And Hate.

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Humankind has been tremendously defined by love and hate. Through our highest highs and our lowest lows, our emotions are the strongest feelings that are brought to life. Love and hate are two of the greatest sensational feelings an individual can experience in their lives. In an article about emotions, it states, “Love requires compassion. Hate requires only ego. We are born with ego, but we must learn compassion.” (Campagna) There are countless amounts of our population who would agree that these two emotions drive each and every action we do causing our societies spontaneous calculated behavior. Love and hate hold no rules, boundaries or defenders when it comes to how an individual feels them. These ritualistic tendencies can even be…show more content…
She ultimately sides with her husband and confesses her complete devotion to him as did her mother do for her father. This is a defining moment for Desdemona and Othello’s relationship where they become an independent united front together. Her father shows his understanding of love even if it is against his perceived judgments of it. Another example of love is when Desdemona continues to remain loyal to her husband aside from the rumors that have been arising from Iago’s mouth. Emilia and Desdemona have quite a different perspective on love in their conversation one night as Emilia gave Desdemona a bath. Desdemona is outraged at Emilia’s standpoint on love. She asks Emilia, “Wouldst thou do such a deed for all the world?” (Act 4. Scene 3) Desdemona is still so young and naive to those in the world that abuse love for their advantage. Emilia responds to her with “The world is a huge thing; ‘tis a great price for a small vice.” (Act 4. Scene 3) This moment really captures how young and unaware Desdemona truly is. Desdemona goes on by saying, “Beshrew me, if I would do such a wrong for the whole world.” (Act 4. Scene 3) She is completely dumbfounded that any women would dare to betray their husband. Her love for Othello is a strong connection while we see that

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