Humans: A Threat to the Environment

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Introduction Human beings are often at odds with their environment, and it has been said that everything people do brings about environmental change, most of which results in some long-term threat to the environment. This paper will discuss two production habits and two consumption habits practiced by humans in the act of obtaining environmental resources The production habits are: Fracking, and Arctic drilling. The consumption habits are: Fresh groundwater use, and electric vehicles. Hydraulic fracturing. In the hydrofracking process, high pressure is used to force fluids into the earth formation that surrounds the drilling space for a well, or the wellbore. The fluids are pushed into the rock parts along fracture gradients, flowing further and further away from the wellbore. The fracture becomes filled with the fluid and various substances (proppant) are added to the stream of fluid that keeps the fracture open once the pressure is turned off, and promotes viscosity so the fluids more easily through the fractures. Fluids are then able to flow from the rock structure through the propped fractures to the wellbore. Fracking has been used by the natural gas and oil industry since 1947 when it was introduced at the Hugoton gas field in Kansas. Two years after the first use, hydraulic fracturing was used in a commercial application, and more than 70 percent of the wells in the United States have undergone hydraulic fracturing. Every country that produces oil and gas has
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