Humans And Climate Change : Humans Changed By Climate Change

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What would the world be without its majestic and fantastic animals? There are about 8.7 million species of animals on this planet. However, because of the decisions that humans made over the last century many species are in danger. Climate change is impacting everything on this planet from food, resources and the conditions in which living beings live. Living creatures such as the polar bears, Adelie penguin, Koalas, Arctic foxes and the coral reef are being affected by climate change. First of all, due to ice melting caused by the temperatures rising polar bears are being affected. Polar bears are animals that “...spend their entire lives on the sea ice, hunting year-round, visiting land only to build maternal birthing dens,” (McGrath 1). Due to the warming temperatures “...during the summer in the Arctic Ocean, sea ice had been melting earlier and faster, and the winter freeze had been coming later,” (McGrath 2). This caused major effects on the polar bears. Scientist that had spent years observing polar bears began to notice the change. Ian Stirling and his colleagues began to notice that:
“...although the bears' population held steady, the animals were getting thinner. The western Hudson Bay bears were missing vital weeks of peak seal hunting, and the later winter freeze-up was extending their fast. By 1999 the biologists had correlated a steady decline in most measures of polar bear health with a decline in sea ice. Bears didn't grow as large, and some

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