Humans And The Ai Possible Now

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Humans and the AI possible now, are truly one and the same What does this mean?. The Human body is but a foundry sundry? of systems and preconditioned thinking that is lead through cause and effect. AI is the pinnacle of humanity’s attempts at mimicking the creation of life through “artificial” thinking. John R. Searle argues that the intentionality in human beings is a product of the brains and its mental processes. He also notes that the certain brain processes are sufficient (indicating that there is at times a bare minimum of processes) for the “intentionality.” He also states that the instantiation of a computer program can be done by a human but the program would still lack the relevant intentionality. Searle also states that, “any mechanism capable of producing intentionality must have casual powers equal to those of the brain.” One important thing to note in Searle’s arguments is that he separates AI into two distinct categories. Strong AI and weak AI. Strong AI being the advanced computers that are in fact, “minds,” and that these computers can actually understand things. Weak AI on the other hand, are the computers that act as nothing more than tools to be used to study and to serve any purpose we program it to do.

Searle brings up several arguments that he refutes such as the “Systems Reply,” “The Robot reply,” “The Brain simulator reply,” “the combination reply,” “The other minds reply,” and “the many mansions reply.” The main argument that
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