Humans Are Destroying The Planet

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The first question that millions may ask is “Are humans destroying the planet?” The answer is absolutely. Humans are the cause of global warming for several reasons like the industrial revolution, population growth, and environment degradation. Global warming is not just an issue that occurs and disappears. It is known to be one of the largest problems that the world could be facing. When this issue known as global warming is brought up some may become troubled or feel responsible. Economists realized that humans get rid of some of the most important and innocent things we have here on Earth such as our plants and trees to form homes, schools, churches, parks, or hospitals. According to the Empirical evidence that humans are causing global warming, less energy is getting out and going into space: Carbon dioxide plays the role of a blanket; adding more C02 makes the blanket thicker, and humans are adding more C02 all the time. The number of a Carbon dioxide is rising extremely rapid each day because of human activity. Human activity has a lot to do with the way things are happening in the world we are currently living in. The amount of carbon being released is beginning to grow because humans drive automobiles, and they also work in factories causing air pollution and air pollution is starting to become a huge source that is injuring our beautiful planet. There are so many issues for global warming and how it happens but, humans are the main cause meaning we are the one
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