Humans Are Responsible For Global Warming

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Son T. Chau
Professor Hansen
November 1, 2016
First Draft

Humans are Responsible for Global Warming
On November 8th, American citizens will go to the polls and vote for the next president of the United States. During the presidential campaign, both candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, have their own different points of view on environmental issues. Hillary Clinton affirms her commitment to the fight against climate change. She supports the Paris Agreement, which is an agreement among many nations to respond to the threat of global warming and to reverse the worst effects of climate change. Donald Trump, by contrast, does not believe that the shift in the climate is a manmade disaster. He claims that global warming just is a hoax and current global warming is just a part of a natural cycle that is naturally occurring. Donald Trump, then, promises to dismantle the agreement if he becomes the U.S. President. It is important to note that many people and scientists share this same belief with Trump, protesting that global warming is a natural phenomenon. The debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump raises an important issue. Are people primary responsible for global warming? Global warming is due to many reasons; specifically, human activities are the major factors causing the planet to get gradually warmer over time.
Human activities are raising the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. In today 's world, energy is very important because
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