Humans Are to Blame for Global Warming Essay

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Humans Are To Blame For Global Warming
Kevin Odhiambo Ogwa
Lake Michigan College

Every human activity has a particular effect on objects surrounding his or her environment, be it physical, mental, or social. But notably, the most evident might be the effect of human activity on global warming. Global warming is quickly becoming a major topic of concern worldwide, and has been stirring up controversy everywhere with its adverse effects seen all over the world. It causes rise of the temperature, leading to – among other things - melting of the polar ice and glaciers, increase in sea level, and extreme weather events. Its effects can also be felt in the form of natural disasters like drought, floods, and tornadoes. Of recent,
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(Woodard, 2007, p.40). Based on these facts, the proponents of this line of thought argue that forces of nature are the major causes of climate change and not human activities as reiterated by most environmentalists and scientists.
Carbon dioxide caused by the burning of fossil fuels is responsible for global warming. The carbon dioxide gas cause global warming by preventing heat from being reflected back to the atmosphere and this leads to excessive heat retention hence global warming. The carbon dioxide is emitted through a process called greenhouse gas mitigation:
The scientific consensus on global warming is sobering: Its real, it’s happening now and carbon dioxide emissions caused by the burning of fossil fuels are almost certainly responsible. Predicting what the exact effects will be on humanity and the planet’s living resources is trickier, but a growing body of evidence suggests they will be profound…, and most wealthy industrial nations have adopted mandatory limits on carbon emissions under the 2005 Kyoto Protocol. (Woodard, 2007, p.27).
“Greenhouse gases (GHG) occur naturally in the atmosphere… But human activity has been boosting the concentration of some of them, most notoriously the carbon dioxide (CO2), which is released by burning fossil fuels… has been blamed for much of the excess retention of heat in the atmosphere that has contributed to global warming. (Woodard, 2007, p.29). Cooper, an author argues that “The action of carbon
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