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Paper 1 Aristotle, a man whose beliefs were that non-greek people were barbarians and that slavery was the key to our society. There was also an english philosopher go by the name of Thomas Hobbes, his beliefs about society was that every man was naturally equal. His belief of society are humans coming together and living in peace. John locke was also an english philosopher. He agured that everyone have rights, such as life, liberty, and property. His thoughts were that men were born free and naturally equal. Each of these philosophers have their own beliefs of natural law but in this case, laws will be laws. In the beginning of civilization, there was three important philosopher, each had a different perspective about the laws of…show more content…
It's your life and you have control of it, there are boundaries but if you're not crossing them, then no one should be able to tell you what you can and can not do. I do believe that every individual has the right to protect their life, liberty, and property. If you bought something, clearly it belongs to you. You can do whatever you please with it without anyone saying anything, unless you are breaking the law of course. With liberty and life, I think everyone have the right to protect themselves from harm or threat, you have the right to defend yourself against enemies. The main idea is that in society, everyone can learn to get along and help each other, instead of currupting one another. Together we can build a better and stronger society. I'm not saying that I hate Aristotle for going with slavery but thats not what I would want humans to do. Everyone at least gets a chance at being free, no one should have to do labor because its the law, to me it's wrong. Especially because I don't want to be a slave myself so why should I see others like that. As for society, I would not choose Ancient Egypt. Ancient Egypt is kinda like Aristotle's beliefs, there is a ruler which in this case is the pharaoh. The pharaoh is pretty much the leader, the government, and the ruler of Egypt. Even though Egypt is big and fascinating I see it being better without a leader, if

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