Humans Vs. Animals : Humans

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Vigil, Adriana Mr. Stevenson English 101 12/17/15 Humans Vs. Animals Humans, we believe to be on top of the Pyramid. The best of the best. Although many of us are connected and view our pets as family, we limit that “family” to dogs and cats. While at the end of the day, we are still considered their Owners and not vice versa. We tend to forget that animals were here way before us and they managed to survive without humans. What makes us think different as to their survival now, or even our survival without them would not exist. So many species have and are becoming extinct and we are the ones to blame. With the hunting, slaughters to satisfy our meat/seafood cravings, oil spills, pollution, along with all the littering we…show more content…
What would we do without having bees to pollinate the world’s food supply? Nature has its own way of keeping the balance - it did for millions of years. If a species is there, I am firmly convinced that it has a good reason to be. Nature has developed over millions of years to produce the most favorable environment for us to live in. Before attempting to disturb the subtle balance on which we all depend, with unknown consequences, we should look carefully at what we have and know. There is increasing recognition of the services nature provides to us, such as clean water and healthy soils for growing crops. But considering the competition between wild species and humans on a very crowded planet, one can ask if there is there room for both of us? There is no doubt that nature can survive without humans - and has done so, for the most part, since time began. A humans surviving without nature is certainly not true so we have no choice but to find enough space for nature. Humans and nature go hand in hand. Some people do not hesitate to claim that some species have no interest to humans, that we should sort them out and get rid of "redundant" species and eliminate "pests". But we should be able to look at it in a different point of view and realize that every living creature has its duty in this world. Over half of our food is the result of insect pollination. The idea of using pesticides to kill these “little monsters”
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