Humans Were Hunters And Gatherers

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Prehistorically, we find that humans were hunters and gatherers. They would hunt animals for the meat and they would gather fruits and vegetables that were grown naturally for their food. After some time, people discovered that they could do agriculture instead and doing that greatly increased the amount of food that people could grow and store. Agriculture changed everything with regards to how the human society was built. This was because when the people would forage, there was no way for them to store the food for a long time, as the meat would and the fruits/vegetables would go bad if it was left out in the open for extended amounts of time. This meant that they had to be hunting and gathering throughout the year, meaning that most of their lives and time would be spent looking for food. However, with agriculture, came a boom with regards to food production. People had more food that they could store and eat anytime. This gave way to people having more time on their hands, which meant they could pursue other aspects of the society, such as politics and art. In this regard we find that the foraging societies were much more egalitarian compared to agricultural societies. Many people have sought to answer the question why such foraging societies tended to be more egalitarian. It has to be noted that during the twentieth century, anthropologists found and were able to study many different hunter-gatherer societies in the modern world that lived in the more remote parts of
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