Humans are Destroying Our Oceans

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The alluring azure ocean, the brisk ocean waves, the lemon yellow sand all show a paradisiac view of the Tasman Sea in Australia. However looks are deceiving. Walking 20 feet from the shoreline, a nauseous view disrupts the majestic scene. I see a plethora of dirty Poland Spring water bottles on the shore. An ash colored seabird lies with a murky bag over its head, lifeless. The dead sea bird was doomed to die of human waste because plastic is being dumped in the oceans and slaying marine life. Over the few years, humans have discarded millions of tons of garbage into the oceans. Ever wonder where the cup you threw out this morning will end up? Or the plastic spoon you used for lunch? How about the cap of a water bottle? The calamitous plastic ends up in the water, taking thousands of years to decompose. The consumption of plastic by the marine life is perilous and the leading cause of death for life on shore. Society tends to blame the fisherman for the trash that turns into marine debris. They are wrong. According to the California Coastal Commission, “Only 20% of the items found in the ocean can be linked to ocean-based sources, like commercial fishing vessels, cargo fish or pleasure cruise ships. The remainder (80%) is due to land based sources like litter (from pedestrians, motorists, beaches visitor), industrial discharges (in the form of plastic pellets and powders), and garbage management.”. Fisherman and other trained workers in the oceans are not the only
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