Humans have Engangered the Columbia River Limpet

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This species is endangered due to population fragmentation and isolation, dam-building, and many other human causes. In addition, habitat loss is one of the biggest problems because this organism has such specific habitat requirements. This species lives in a freshwater ecosystem and now, large populations can only be found in 4 streams. On the other hand, these human-induced problems can be remedied with a few restrictions, support, and a little effort. The scientific name of this organism is Fisherola Nuttalli. The Columbia River Limpet is a small lunged (pulmonate) snail. According to an article by Celeste Mazzacano at the Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation (, “It has a limpet-like appearance, with an uncoiled conical shell that has a wide base and a smooth, eccentric (off-center) apex. The shells may reach up to 8 mm long, 6.25 mm wide, and 3 mm high; they are rich brown in color and appear striped due to fine concentric growth rings (Neitzel & Frest 1992).” This organism is known as an invertebrate due to the lack of a backbone. Invertebrates lack a vertebral column, which is made up of bones called vertebrae. The scientific name for animals lacking a backbone is Invertebrata. On the other hand, animals with a backbone are known as vertebrates, the scientific name being Vertebrata. There are over 1…
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