Humans 's Views On The Evolution Of The World And The Life That Inhabits It

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Americans Resistance to the Fact of Evolution

Michael Nelson

Dr. Baldwin


3 / 22 / 2016

THESIS: Humans who believe in creationism are usually resistant to the views of scientists on the development of the world and the life that inhabits it, but their views continue to be challenged by the empirical evidence of biology and science. This bringing attention to the question, will resistance toward evolution ever let up?


I. Introduction

II. Creationism
A. Definition of Creationism 1. Opposed to evolution a. Charles Darwin 2. Protection of Beliefs b. Curriculum III. Evolution
A. Definition of Evolution 1. Facts
B. Resistance 1. Why so many American’s are resistant to evolution
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They want to believe that a higher being has a meaningful purpose for each of us, and we were created by something bigger than us, a God. Therefore they are resistant to evolution and create theories to make their view more realistic, for example, intelligent design. Intelligent design is a view that the creation of living things is best explained by an intelligent cause, basically the opposite of natural selection. The scientific community continues to say intelligent design is a form of creationism that lacks empirical support and offers no testable hypotheses. The continuous discoveries in biology and science continue to provide more and more empirical evidence to prove that evolution is real. So why are Americans so resistant to the evidence and scientific proof of evolution, and will creationists ever begin to accept the proven facts that invalidate everything they think is true about creationism? Creationism is a view that less than fifty percent of Americans believe in. According to an article on Stanford’s website, a creationist is someone who believes in a god who is the absolute creator of everything that inhabits the earth.1 Creationists strongly oppose a world brought on by evolution, particularly a world described by Charles Darwin in his book On the Origin of Species that was written in 1859. Darwin’s book introduced the scientific theory that we evolve over generations
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