Humble And The Mysterious Phantom

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Humble and the Mysterious Phantom
Once upon a time there lived a creature that had been sighted to be a scaly monster; he lived in the land called Shadow Mist. The land was grey, it was so grey it looked like there was gravel everywhere. I can 't even begin to tell you how awful the trees looked; they looked so brown like they were all painted in mud.
The creature always slept but, even though the people knew this they never ventured to the land. There was a lizard called Humble, he was a dark green lizard with scales all over him. He always loved to help out the town 's people. The town 's people would always describe him as their rock (tough guy). This town was a magical and wondrous town it was full of cookies. The air was heavy like something horrific was about to happen. The town sounded like a slithering simple snake(whispering). The houses and streets were made of cookies and looked so tasty which made you want to taste them. Humble’s life couldn 't be more perfect until…
The next day… petrifying screams were heard all throughout Cookie Town. Not a soul stirred. There was absolutely nothing, only the trees whistling. It felt so quiet like everyone was dead. Humble, was wondering where everyone had gone until he bumped into them. Everyone shouted "I think we saw a dragon!!" Humble said "are you sure it was a dragon??" "I am sure" said Lizzy the lizard. Then suddenly, humble came across a… dead body!! Suddenly, everyone shouted eek!!! Humble said "I shall find out who
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