Humiliation From Law Enforcers Is The Story Of Kathryn Engle 's Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

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Police brutality is any unjustified use of excessive violence, abuse, humiliation or racism from a police officer that insults or degrades someone else. Police brutality occurrences range from crude language and harassment to severe beatings and murder. Some believe these incidences are caused because police officers are granted too much power as a result of the badges they carry. Other examples of police misusing their authority include discrimination, partisanship, public humiliation, and defamation. Victims of police brutality have been dehumanized by humiliation, discrimination and physical abuse.

Some police officers believe that the badges they carry grant them extra rights and allow them to humiliate others without retribution. One horrible example of humiliation from law enforcers is the story of Kathryn Engle in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. Kathryn Engle, the victim of a terrible encounter with local police, had returned home to recuperate after a life changing surgery when her house was broken into by several officers. Engle was physically disabled because of her condition and was asleep at home when the police forced their way into her house. Kathryn 's report indicated that the men abused her, however she did not reveal how, “abuse resulting from this incident, in which they broke in while I was sleeping and saw me naked”( Engel 2). Aparently, all troopers involved had previous knowledge of Kathryn’s condition and knew that she was home alone. Luckily,…
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