Humiliation In The Princess Bride

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William Goldman in The Princess Bride wrote, “Flaws would not only bring death but, far worse, humiliation. “Flaws, faults, and imperfections are all basic things people have, based on the saying that no one is perfect. Goldman wrote that flaws can turn into death, or even worse, humiliation. Humiliation is thought of as a very bad thing on byself, but if the public hears of your flawed errors, it turns into a major impact on your life. Monica Lewinsky, a former intern of the White House, is a good example of public humiliation. She made a speech called, “The Price of Shame”, which talks of how her flawed error of falling in love with the President out of lust, and how it caused a huge negative impact on her person, professional, and social life. Lewinsky’s story is very similar to the novel, The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne, which talks of a woman named Hester Prynne who is shamed with the act of adultery, she herself falling love with a man of higher authority. Their entire lives were affected dearly, by people looking at them, and saying things about them that were not true. Even today, public humiliation is taken as a punishment for people's mistakes, and taken to the max. In the article, “Is the Internet a Mob Without Consequence?”, it talks of how public humiliation had taken an even more extreme and easy to achieve the same negative impacts on someone due to technology increase and social media’s. Public shame is something everyone fears. Not just because it would embarrass them, but it will ruin their lives. Someone's social and professional life could be deeply affected, and even a great deal of personal issues and family issues can arise.

Social wise, public shame can make a person more well known and popular. Of course typically more towards a negative way. In Hester Prynne's case, it was just that. Hester Prynne was publicly shamed as a punishment for her sin of committing adultery. Throughout the book, Hawthorne explains the ways that the shame affected Hester’s social life. She was judged and made fun of by various people in her town. No one in town saw her as a good woman, and men were told to not go near her of fear that she would try and sin again. She didn’t have much of a social

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