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Smallest bird on earth Hummingbirds are fascinating birds that are always fun to watch. These birds are able to hover in mid-air, dart from side to side, go straight up or down, or even backwards. They can out-fly and out-maneuver birds hundreds of times their size. There are many factors that contribute to the hummingbirds ' ability to fly so easily through the air. A hummingbird 's wings are shaped so that they are slightly rounded on the top. "Their wings flaps 15-80 times per second, depending on the type of species they are. The Giant Hummingbird 's wings beat 8-10 beats per second, the wings of medium size hummingbirds beat 20-25 beats per second and the smallest beat 70 beats per second."<
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The Venturi effect is evident when the hummingbird holds it 's wings close to it 's body. The rapid air flow helps the bird maneuver quickly. "Hummingbirds are durable only in life. In death they are delicate, their wings are hollow and fragile, thus almost never fossilize. This was one of the reason that the recent discovery of 30-million-year-old fossil bird that remains may include an ancestral hummingbird.". Its fossil specimens had long, slender bills ,and shortened upper wings bones topped by a knob. Surprisingly, fossils were found in the southern part of Germany which was far away from the modern hummingbird territory. "Hummingbird 's aggression were shaped by sipping nectar as often as every minutes. They compete by challenging and bullying each other in mid-air; post up and pirouette, dive to the grass, and paddle backward in dances of dominance that end suddenly as they begin. They will compete each other up in tall mountains near the equator that offer rich ecosystem at a variety of elevations.". "Hummingbirds are very small birds with a high metabolism, with heart rates can reach as high as 1,260 beats per minutes, therefore they must be fed constantly."<>. Both nectars and insects are the source energy and protein for hummingbirds. Hummingbirds can consume up to 50% of their weight in sugar, the nectar solution every each single day. "It is important to keep any nectar feeder clean and always filled
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