Humor Should Replace Sex in Media Advertising Essay

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Humor Should Replace Sex in Advertising In today's society, we as consumers are exposed to media on a daily basis. Beginning the day with a glance at the daily newspaper and finishing the evening with a television program, the average person cannot escape the clutches of the media in its seemingly endless forms. Along with presenting objective information that includes local news, weather, and sports, a main function of modern media is advertising. Two effective methods of catching the eyes of the consumer are the use of either sexual attraction or humor as a focal point of an advertisement. For the past few decades, sex has been a consistent means of selling products, while humor has just recently become a major…show more content…
Using sex in advertising in different ways can boost the sales of an item. The first impression technique works especially well with television advertisements. John Bonvillian, an influential psychology professor at the University of Virginia, stresses the fact that people tend to form opinions based on first impressions. These first impressions are most often made (either consciously or subconsciously) by someone's appearance. By using "sexy" people in their advertisements, companies have a better chance of appealing to consumers that are not exactly familiar with a product. Sex sells products in other ways as well. For an advertisement to be effective, John Berger states in his work, Ways of Seeing, that it must evoke a feeling of envy in the consumer. By centering an ad around something nearly every person has in some shape or form--sexuality--an envious feeling can be conveyed rather effortlessly on the part of the manufacturer. The two ways that envy can be achieved through sex in advertising are rather basic. First, if a consumer sees a person in an ad using or wearing a certain product and being pursued by the opposite sex, the consumer may become jealous of the person in the ad and desire the product. In a method similar to this, the manufacturer targets a particular sex by showing a product in use by an attractive person of the same sex. The object of this technique is to make the consumer desire to

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