Humoral Concept, Anatomical Theory and the Germ Theory Essay

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In this paper I am going to discuss the differences between the Humoral concept of disease, the anatomical theory of disease, the germ theory of disease and the differences between each theory. I am also going to look at the historical significance of these theories and how they apply to health and wellness in today’s health care. The humoral theory comes from an ancient Greek theory that states that the human body is composed of four basic humors. The Humoral theory is derived from the word “humor,” but in this context, means “fluid”. The Humoral theory is related to the theory of the earth and the four elements. These elements are better known as earth, fire, water and air. The balance in these earthly elements allows the earth…show more content…
The fundamental concept of this theory states that microorganisms can invade the body and cause certain diseases or even death. Before this theory was accepted many people believed that a disease was a punishment for a person’s evil behavior not a medical problem. These three theories differ because they all covered different barriers when it came to treating and understanding diseases. The Humoral theory began with the four-elements and the anatomical theory allowed us to take a deeper look into the functioning of the bodies systems. This helped us to learn what was happening in the body, in the body systems and in the organs. Without these two studies we would not have come to the Germ Theory. Even though each theory is different in concept each theory was important and we would not have been able to progress along to the next theory. If we would not have had the germ theory we would not have discovered the need for vaccines or discovered antiseptics. These theories also allowed physicians to learn to look at diseases on a micro (small scale) instead of just a macro scale or “big” picture. I feel that these theories have led to significant changes in health care over the years. These theories have allowed scientist to discover not only how to cure some disease but also how to prevent diseases from spreading. Scientists were able to develop vaccines, antiseptics, create personal protective equipment and enabled the public

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