Humorous Day Narrative

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The year was 2009. It was a nice clear warm August day. The whistle blew and I lined up by the doors to the cafeteria. Now that I was in fifth grade I felt so much older than the fourth graders standing beside me. I was small and unaware of the big year I was about to experience. The day began and I was shown a chart that told me exactly where to sit. Being surrounded by unfamiliar faces was a bit frightening but I felt as though making new friends would not be difficult at all. After a half hour of talking, the teacher began to pass out our books and talked about what we would be doing in class in fifth grade. The clock shown 11:09 and we lined up for lunch. I stood beside my only friend so far, Dakota, and asked her where they usually sat…show more content…
Before I could say “What game are we going to play today?” they all started to run to the big tree. “Must be tag today”, I thought. I assumed I was it and ran toward them. After chasing them for about 5 minutes the tallest one came up to me and asked if I could please leave her and her friends alone. Confused and dejected I decided to sit near the bench by myself. The recess whistle blew and I lined up. We walked into the class and the rest of the day passed and I got on the bus to head home. Days and weeks passed and the tallest one finally let me sit at their table. Every once in awhile I would even get to play with them at…show more content…
I told everyone I was happy me and my partner, a dorky redhead, were such good friends. The tallest one seemed upset at this statement. “Actually today you can not play with us” she said to me. Baffled I responded, “What have I done wrong?” With an angry gaze deep in her eyes she said what would soon become an iconic phrase, “Why do you not just go back to fourth grade!” Offended and downcast I sat down at what had become my usual spot near the bench. “Pushing these pebbles around with woodchips is much more fun than whatever game they are playing” I would say in my head often trying to convince myself that I was not lonely but merely
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