Humorous Snakes In America

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Snakes are very frightening. We have all heard stories of snakes biting people, or of how venomous snakes are. However there are only about twenty species of venomous snakes that live in America. Sixteen of those snakes are rattlesnakes, two are coral snakes, one is the copperhead, and the other is the cotton mouth (water moccasin). Rattlesnakes are easily distinguishable by the rattles that alert you when they are coming. The other snakes have other recognizable features to distinguish them. “So what?” some may ask, “They are still frightening because of their venom!” Yes, their venom is still frightening; in fact very soon, in a matter of minutes, venom from snakes will make you start swelling and having severe pain. Afterwards your blood…show more content…
Pest control is one of the most prominent things a snake can do. As predators of rats and mice they can keep them out of your house. In fact a worker at a Florida dog kennel noticed dozens of snakes living in the rafters, so he decided they needed to go. He killed the snakes systematically, until all the snakes were dead. After the snakes died, rats came to take their place. “The rat population exploded,” a state biologist stated later. This event cost the kennel a lot of money because of the rats eating and contaminating dog food. As this example shows, snakes are very important to the natural order of things. Oftentimes predators in an area will scare away their prey, such as snakes scaring away rats. More often than naught, people do more harm than good exterminating snakes. Although some snakes need to be killed or just removed from an area because they are dangerous, non venomous snakes pose no real threat most of the time. Although most venomous snakes are not that aggressive to humans; toddlers and smaller children can make them aggressive, making them dangerous to children and possibly adults. As snakes are more visibly dangerous, it might seem better at the time to get rid of them; however rats can carry diseases. Diseases can wipe out an entire family, or put them in the hospital, whereas snakes often only bite one person, if any at
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