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Humorous Wedding Speech by a Friend of the Groom Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen - I must admit to being rather nervous about today's speech. As it’s a family occasion, the last thing I want to do is cause offence by talking in too much detail about Brian’s colorful past. I’ve therefore decided to edit out anything that might cause offence. So thank you very much and have a wonderful evening! Sit down. Laughter. Stand up and continue. I read somewhere that you can flesh out your speech by researching which famous people were born the same day as the groom (bridegroom), and make some sort of link. Well, Brian was born on 9th January 1976, just 24 hours after a whole host of famous and interesting people - musical luminaries…show more content…
Irene, on the other hand, shares the same birth-date with a couple of very famous individuals who, as a pair, succinctly summarize the two voices that live inside her head. The first, representing the caring, thoughtful, and sensitive Irene, is none other than Martin Luther King. The second is Edward Teller, the father of the Hydrogen bomb. I also discovered that’s it’s customary for a best man's speech to contain a history lesson involving some major event that took place on the day of the wedding. Well, the only two memorable things I can find that happened on this day - 11th March - were that the first mobile phone was patented in 1979, and the Rolling Stones were fined £5 for urinating against a wall in 1966. I couldn't for the life of me find a link between Brian Wilson and mobile phones. The Rolling Stones, urinating and walls – that was more straightforward. Although not a major event or a memorable event, I did find it amusing that also on this day, back in 1976, the first ever team from the then "Beaser Homes League" qualified for the 5th round of the FA cup. And here we are again, 27 years later, another no-hoper having done astonishingly well. I'd like you all to join me now in wishing Brian and Irene the very best for their future journey together. And I hope, when they look back years from now on this, their wedding

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