Humorous Wedding Speech: Atrocities Of A Fraternity

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I would first like to thank the fraternity of Delta Kappa Epsilon for this lovely nomination, I stand here today looking at the most handsome, funny, genuine group guys that I have very known from my 19 years of living on this world. Never in my life did in my younger years I’d think I would be joining and sorority and on top of that running to be a sweetheart to one of the jolliest and good fraternities on this ASU campus. When I told my mom during the summer I was considering running for sweetheart her response was “I’m happy for you, but sad at the same time, because that means you slept with most of all of those boys.” You can tell I was first in Greek life within my family knowing she really had no idea what a sweetheart actually was.…show more content…
Nothing makes me happier then acting like an actually mother to you all even though way more then half of you in this room are older then me. Baking for you all, giving out advice, and my favorite cleaning up after your parties (mostly when I am still hammered and at the party) brings nothing more to my face then a smile. Seeing you all truly happy is what makes me happy. In life, there are few moments better than those that are filled with absolute, unequivocal happiness and with no doubt I feel like being your fraternities sweetheart will be a moment I will always cherish. I would like to say one last thank you, thank you to the vertex, 519, Hammond, terrace, mill manor, titty city, campus, la Jolla, the dean and to every location I have made the best memories at. I am signing out by saying on last thing, thank you to the DKE’s who have encouraged me to black out, to the DKE’s who have blacked out with me, and to all of the DKEs who have helped me in a black out. Thank you boys for being my sweethearts just like I hope to be
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