Humorous Wedding Speech By Bill Gates

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Mr. M: Good Morning Mr. Bill Gates! Welcome to my humble studio. It’s an honor having you with us, and before we begin I must thank you on behalf of my entire team for taking out some time for us!
Bill Gates: The pleasure is all mine, Mahmood!
Mr. M: So how does it feel like being called one of the richest men’s of the world?
Bill Gates: (laughs), well Mahmood, I feel like I have a bigger responsibility as someone with a lot of money. For me, the utility of money is in using it to make an organization which works for the poor (Tweedie, 2013), and that’s what I want to do. I want to make a dent in world poverty and play my part in reducing it.
Mr. M: Your thoughts are certainly no surprise to the world, considering the amount of philanthropy work you are doing for the poor. So Mr. Gates, what has been your greatest motivation behind all the work you are doing for the poor around the world?
Bill Gates: Well I would like to mention that my wife has been a great motivator for me. Quite often she and I have long meaningful dialogues about how lucky we are to be this well-endowed and how we can use this wealth in a positive way. In other words, a way that has the greatest impact on this world (Tweedie, 2013). I’m glad that she didn’t say shoes and bags like other women! (laughs)
Mr. M: (laugh)
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However, what sticks out in my mind, as an important event in my life which triggered my mission to eradicate poverty, was when Melinda and me went to Africa in 1993 on a Safari actually, but rather than watching the animals, our eyes caught hold of people over there, living in poverty well beyond our imagination! Just looking at their struggles made us want to understand more about the problems of the people living in poor countries. I changed my mind about developing an institute for basic research and instead established the Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation (Wired
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