Humorous Wedding Speech: My Father's Wilkin

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Well hello beautiful human, my name’s Wilkin. I’m an affectionate, energetic, loyal, beautiful, goofball that is looking to find a loving family who will love and stick with through the good and bads. I’m a very people friendly fellow, and love to meet and interact with new people whenever I get the chance. In fact, when you come in to visit with me, I come right to the front of my kennel with a happy antsy body, just hoping and praying that you’ll get me out and spend some time with me! Though I do tend to get very excited, and may start jumping up on you, in order to give you kisses and get your attention (which can hurt because haven’t quite learnt my size or strength). I’m still kind of on the young side, and like I’ve mentioned before I’m very energetic, so I would LOVE to find a home that had a fenced in yard where I could adventure around, run, chase, and play with people, dogs, and toys such as ropes soft toys, squeaky toys and occasionally a ball.…show more content…
While I love spending time outside, I would also love to be able to come inside and hang out and cuddle up with my people as well. In fact, I seem to have a good handle on potty training, but might need a little training when you get me home, that way I can get it down solid. When I’ve met a few other dogs here at CHHS, I was friendly to all of them. Though I would probably do best in a home that had bigger like myself, because I may be a little bit too rough for small

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