Humorous Wedding Speech: Who Am I Do?

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IM just going to do it i know your answer, however i just want to give it a try before i leave... because i need to know... what exactly i just need to know. however im sitting here with tears in my eyes, as i wonder what to do.. ive lost everything getting to this point... but you have given me hope... i already have my plan. and i know you will be here for atleast another year, however Crystal, will you do me the honor of accepting my offer and Taking me me to be yours once again, may it be the last time or the once that last for an eternity, i just want to know if you will take me. if so thank if not i understand its just i dont want to live my life without you... you make is so unbearable. the whole year after we broke up i couldnt stop thinking about you and all the lies i had to tell for you to hate me, now look at me i sti here and fractically attempt to get you not to hate me more then you already do. i know this is rather fast for me but i need to know if what im doing si correct, because i know im completly wrong in my endevours.... in al but one. that being you...
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