Humpback Whales: Article Analysis

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The reading contends that humpback whales migrate long distances by means of their ability to navigate their ways with the help of stars.The lecturer, however, casts doubt on the claims made by the article and provides some evidence to refute them all.

First, the author holds the view that the wales intelligence confirms the fact that they can use stars for navigation because they are more clever than many other animals. Conversely, the speaker brings up the idea that this reason is highly questionable due to the fact that there is no connection between the whales intelligence and their ability to find their ways via using stars. Moreover, he mentions that some other animals, such as some birds including docks have such a capability. However,
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As a result, because whale cannot use landmarks in the ocean analogous to terrestrial animals, they should find their ways by stars. On the other hand, the lecturer challenges this issue by highlighting that there can be another explanation for this long straight migration, which is one external force known as the earth magnetic field. By the aid of this force the whales can orient themselves in the ocean.

Finally, the reading passage indicates that the phenomenon of spy-hopping, which is the behavior of whales to float on waters for a long time means that they are observing stars to obtain information in order to find their ways. On the contrary, the professor dismisses this issue by emphasizing that other animals such as sharks shows such behaviors, whereas they do not migrate by no means. In fact, the sharks use the spy-hopping for hunting purposes. In addition, some whales perform this behavior during days while no star can be seen in the sky. Accordingly, this behavior is not related to their navigation owing to using
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