Humphrey Mcqueen's Battle Over Builders

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Humphrey McQueen -At Battle over Builders’ Labourers OHS Good evening, everyone! The intellectual I chose is Humphrey McQueen. Tonight, I would like talk about his battle over the builders’ labourers OHS. Recently, there has been reignited interest in the ABCC (Australian Building and Construction Commission) and the Building and Construction OH&S (Occupational Health and safety); since these are the central issues which triggered the double dissolution. And now we are on the process of early election, because of ABCC. The Coalition asserts the ABCC will monitor and promote appropriate standards of conduct throughout the building and construction industry, while the construction unions regard it as an attempt to weaken their posit ion. Humphrey McQueen, as a prominent historian, has undertaken extensive research and analysis in building and construction OH&S field seven years ago and demonstrates his arguments proactively in his books Framework of Flesh in 2009, We Built This Country in 2011. I would like shed more light on these two books tonight and the rest contents I will share with you are: A brief introduction about McQueen, the major arguments in these two books, and then I will discuss his political standpoint, the contributions and controversies related to his works in building and construction industry. Truly, McQueen is a historian, but his prodigious research covers far more comprehensive than history, which includes economics, politics, environment, media,

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