Humpty's Accomplishments

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When I was eight years old, I accomplished what some daredevils wouldn’t attempt to try. I tested the validity of Newtonian mechanics by falling off my bike into a ravine below. I broke both arms. I’ve always been accident prone. It’s in my blood, I guess. I’ve broken and bruised my poor bones in as many places as Humpty Dumpty cracked his shell. So it’s not surprising that, to this day, my right ankle is still marginally larger than my left one. As I grew older, to cure my so-called clumsiness, my parents encouraged me to go on runs with my remarkably coordinated, cross-country running brother. At first, I deemed their well-intentioned suggestion as a ludicrous idea. However, I skeptically accepted their advice. And so, every day, I would…show more content…
Ever since my formative years, I’ve constantly been, as my friends say, frighteningly competitive. Whether it was who could paint the prettiest petunia in preschool or who could answer the most questions during Friday afternoon academic team practices in the chemistry lab, I always wanted to win. I enjoy the rush of adrenaline that floods through my body during a competition. But regardless of the area of competition, I treasure the satisfaction of being able to reach my goal every single day. Whether it may be my absence of artistic talent as a toddler or my lack of agility as an adolescent, I know that I am overcoming my weaknesses, step by step (pun…show more content…
I have very few necessities in life: food, water, shelter, and structure. If I don’t have a plan, or to be candid, a precise multi-step plan, I feel as if I’ve stepped into my car, but left my keys on the counter. I’ll color code my notes for each school subject, and my planner is my bible. Thus, the orderly structure of running made it strikingly appealing to me. I soon found a comfortable jogging pace and a coveted running path. The day-to-day pattern of running the same circles around Bluebird park and invariably passing Mr. and Mrs. Paul walking their golden retrievers established a strong sense of
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