Hundred Pounds Over Fat Research Paper

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So surgery is for patients who have sort of exceeded an aligned in the sand. So to speak a metabolic wind in the sand where weight loss is nearly impossible. The reason for that is that we all have a set point a place where we store a certain amount of energy, and genetically designed differently, and some of us have the propensity to store more energy than we need, and others don't. And that's genetically determined, but the problem is that once you go beyond the set point. Weight loss becomes impossible in general a hundred pounds refers to like that set point but in truth, the set point is different for many people it could be higher or lower. The problem is that if you exceed that set point what starts to happen is that your ability to…show more content…
We start to see an increase in the co-morbid problems. Once we get to about one hundred pounds overweight which typically refers to a body mass index of forty. That's when we see a significant impact on quality of life co-morbid problems and of course length of life. And so one hundred pounds is a reference, but it's not accurate for everybody. Everybody has a different set point. So if your body mass index is forty or thirty-five then you have co-morbid problems that are significant, and then you qualify for Barrick surgery, but you've already gone over to the dark side. Now we have to do something surgically so that we can impact your metabolism enough that you can lose a significant amount of weight. So that's what Barrick surgery is. So body mass index of above thirty-five, above forty, and then above fifty is what we call super obesity. Our surgeries are designed in such a way that depending on what the patients common problems are and how overweight they are. We acquire surgeries to those patients depending on their characteristics, and the idea of the balloon is to get them before they get to the point where they're going to need
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