Huneme Research Paper

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Kristen Decas is the CEO and Port Director of Hueneme. Hueneme is located in Ventura among the shore. She has been in serving for Hueneme Port about 3 years so far and says she loves it there. Her contract ends next year in February but looks forward into staying again. She gave birth two daughters and told us it’s hard for her to spend quality time with her kids, so she always looks forward for special family vacations. Decas earned her master in Denver. She is really passionate about her job because her great-grand parents were involved in agricultural transportation as well. Also, she is the first woman to be elected as a CEO in Port Hueneme. She stated that when she applied, she was only girl competing against 60 other men for the same position. Decas loves giving back to the community by creating banana festivals, tours around the company, education and environmental funds. The company brings in over $8 billion in cargo annually and $1.1 billion in overall economic impact. Hueneme Port top trading partners are Austria, Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, China, Ecuador, Germany, Great Britain, Japan,…show more content…
Thomas Bart was the father of Richard; Thomas studied the submarine canyon at Point Hueneme before it became a port. That’s why Richard took in consideration of opening it as a port. Richard was enthused about making agreements with the Feds. As the result, Richard’s proposition was revoke and it was known as the “Trouble Dream.” However Richard never gave up, he had private funds that helped him found the port. Throughout time, the federal felted foolish of revoking Richard’s proposition. So the Naval Base of Ventura and Hueneme Port joined together and made legal agreements towards working together. One thing the port benefited from the naval base was that they had instant protection and aid against any terrorist attacks, which made other ports
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