Hungary 's Most Notorious Buildings

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1958 Budapest, Hungary One address in Budapest reduced many of Hungary’s toughest men to hushed voices, illogical fears and impulsive tears. No. 60 Andrássy út.- one of Hungary’s most notorious buildings. The walls there reflected a certain fatal ambivalence over an infamous wasteland of horrors. Anxious men shuddered at the mere mention of it, rubbing their foreheads, struggling to forget their memories of those infamous dungeons in the basement, where they had been held as political prisoners and now, struggled to erase horrible, horrible memories. A simple glance at their hands, where captors had slowly ripped off fingernails, was a prelude to what they had experienced in agony. Blisters from the flame of a torch. The repeated…show more content…
And always, the same address came up when they discovered the last place he had been seen… No. 60 Andrássy út. After blossoming into a young woman, sometime during the summer, Hungary had now become a land of opportunity for her. Specifically, it was now a place where men traded sex for secrets; and where secret agents pitted neighbor against neighbor, ferreting out those who held anti-government views. Seduction was the tool of choice and Ava learned she possessed some rather heady physical assets that could help get that task done. Youthful enough to have the right physical attributes to elicit information; she learned that such information could catapult her flight from the village. Girls like Ava Dózsa, were ripe fruit for ethnic Russian officers; or men who needed assistance with private security matters. And sometimes even, men who maybe had secret desires of their own. When she met the Russian Captain with hair the color of coal and indigo eyes that she had locked eyes with the day she punched Mariska, Ava fell hard. Her pulse was on fire with currents from the touch of his hand; riding the high of what she thought love was and losing herself in it; and praying she would never come down again. “He’s confident man,” she now told the others. “He’s educated man. He speaks Hungarian with wonderful Slav accent.” Her smile was dreamy. Her voice grew breathy. “He is music to my ears.” The way his tongue hung on certain words and the lilt of his voice
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