Hunger And Hunger Of Hunger

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You ask me what is hunger? Listen to me. Here I am so famished that you could see every little detail of my bones. I don’t even have the energy to talk, or even walk because my last meal was four days ago. Hear me out. This is not a joke, nor a pleasant position to be in. There are approximately 920 million people in the world who yearn for a meal each day, and every three point six seconds someone dies from hunger. Yet, when you think of hunger, you say to yourself, “ Oh yes, I’ve been hungry before, I’ve missed breakfast, then my stomach starts to growl, big deal.” No, you have it wrong. Put yourself in my shoes were I desire to find just a morsel of food in the dumpster in the alley.
Hunger is individuals staring back at you with
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I will then pursuit to find anything that is edible. The smell is excruciating, but I must find something. I ripped opened a garbage bag, and seen a bag that was covered with a baby’s diaper, spilled soda, and a chewed up piece of gum. In the bag was a half eaten pasta salad, and I ate every substance from that bag. The dumpster was my breakfast, lunch, and dinner everyday. It was the reason why I’m still alive.
Hunger is stealing from a supermarket. This was the vile side of hunger, but it was either the family stay alive or die. I walk in the supermarket, and observe in the meat section. Glancing over my shoulder cautiously, I tear the barcode label and stuff two packs of chicken legs in my jacket. I knew it was bad, but I have a hungry family at home. I do the same to another pack of meat, and head for the exit. I slip pass the exit not trying to look suspicious. A cloud of shame and guilt rose around me as I strolled down the block towards my home. I could return them back, but we were hungry at home. Food costed money, something we didn’t have.
Hunger is opening the refrigerator to see only expired milk from last month, an old leftover sandwich, and a bottle of beer. My mom didn’t make groceries again because she bought other “things”. As a 10-year-old, I shouldn’t have to always come home to nothing eat. The only meals I get are the ones from school.
Hunger is begging for just a little change to feed little Johnny. In the end, you only gather approximately

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