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I am reading Hunger by Michael Grant and I am on page 347. This book is about a small town named Perdido Beach, and how it was transformed when all adults suddenly vanished. As all the adults disappeared, kids began to develop powers that could prove to be deadly. Food is running short since there is no way get food into the FAYZ wall, a solid barrier that surrounds to area. When Sam sends kids to retrieve food that was left in the agricultural fields, worms named Zekes attack and kill one of them. Tensions grow as people who did not develop powers grow resentful to those who have. All of this as the main character Sam fights with his sinister brother who has taken control of the cities nuclear power plant and is determined to cut of the…show more content…
Finally, when in battle Sam never shows of defeat or fear as it would worry the children and allow for them to lose hope in the situation. When Caine had taken over the power plant, the book stated, “ ‘I have the power plant, that’s obvious,’ Caine said. ‘Stupid of you to lose it, Sam.’ Sam had no answer to that” (Grant 322). This shows that even though Sam had lost control of the vital power plant that they had been fighting for, he did not respond with helplessness. He held his ground by not giving into the fear that Caine had wished to be spelled upon him and his army of children. The children were not able to feel this fear because they felt if Sam stayed strong the rest would follow. Not only is Sam courageous, he is also a leader. First, when electing a person to be in charge of Perdido Beach kids generally looked to Sam to be the mayor. This is because before the FAYZ, Sam was known as School Bus Sam since he saved peoples lives when a school bus that he was on crashed. His ability to act quickly and make decisions that other people would find to be too difficult makes him a good leader. Also, Sam acts like a leader in that he wants to be a good role model to the kids of the town. He believes that if he wants people to follow his order he must first do what he orders of other people. When Astrid delivered news that kids were killing animals, the book states, “If he started blowing off his duties,

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