Hunger Games Dystopia Essay

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The novel The Hunger Games is written by author Suzannne Collins. Collins created a dystopian novel that has similarities to the current society we live in and could be interpreted to be what the future holds. Throughout the book characteristics of a dystopia society are revealed. From districts starving, living in poverty, being killed for trying to escape to somewhere better and being forced to do things they do not want to do. The beginning of the book on page three, starts with the main character Katniss Everdeen assuming her sister left their bed for their mothers’ because of nightmares caused by the reaping. The reaping is when each district chooses a boy and girl to take place in the Hunger Games. The Hunger games is a sadistic way the capital reminds their citizens they are in control. At the age of twelve children names are entered into calling up until they are…show more content…
The twenty four tributes who have been picked are being watched killing each other by the rest of the world for entertainment. Children killing other children should not be considered good entertainment, normally it would be illegal, but in Panem it is remainder to not cross the Capital. The whole idea of the Hunger games is cruel and even worse that potentially twelve year olds are forced to fight against bigger and stronger eighteen year olds. This is not a fair fight, but the people who made the rules do not care and the adults of the districts have no control over what happens to them or their children. The idea of the Hunger Games is slightly ironic because the capital created new laws guaranteeing peace along with the Hunger games. The games uses starvation, death and murder to remind the citizens to never rebel against them again. The districts are constantly watched by guards and when they step out of line, or try to escape their district murdered or forced to be a servant is their
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