Hunger Games

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The Hunger Games Vocabulary Utopia- paradise, heaven Dystopia- apocalypse/hell Entrails- internal parts Reap- harvest Apothecary- doctor Iridescent- play of colours Paraffin- waxy, flammable Tessera- token from capitol (year of grain) Meagre- thin Racketeer- criminal Sustenance- support, nourish Tribute- payment Repentance-regret, sorrow of sins Treason- betray Synonymous- alike The Hunger Games Chapter 1 Questions: 1. What is the reason for the Hunger Games? The reason for the Hunger Games is to remind all the Districts of what had happened to District 13 whom decided to rebel against the capitol. They hold a "reaping" every year and they send them to…show more content…
She is on the verge of tears, but doesn’t allow herself to cry because she thinks she will appear weak. Haymitch congratulates her and dives off stage. Peeta is chosen, and she thinks of the day all those years ago, when he gave her the bread, when she saw the dandelion. Chapter 3 Questions: 1. Who visits Katniss in the Justice building? What are two items given to her? Her family, Gale, Madge (Mayor’s daughter) and she were given a mocking-jay pin from Prim and a packet of cookies by Peeta’s father visits Katniss in the Justice Building. 2. What are Mocking Jays? Mocking jays are a jabber- jay which was a bird that was genetically altered by the government so it could hear a conversation and then perfectly replays it, that cross bred with your average mocking bird to create the mocking -jay. This bird couldn't perfectly replay conversations, but it could perfectly sing back tunes and melodies. 3. What is the significance of Haymitch to Peeta and Katniss? He is their mentor and the one who will tell and show them tactics to survive in the Hunger Games and also teaches them what the Hunger Games does to you so they could manage to survive are the significance of Haymitch to Peeta and Katniss. 4. Describe what happens after the anthem is played. The Capital seal is shown and then the names, the district, and pictures of the tributes that died that day are shown in the sky. 5.
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