Hunger Games: Rebellion Is Needed

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For a government to be successful it needs to inflict fear into everyone of its people. The capital did so by using the Hunger Games as a tool for fear, excommunicating each of the districts from each other, and reminding everyone how one district can be eliminated so easily. Therefore, a government cannot rule as efficiently if there is no fear in its people. If fear is not within the government’s people then a rebellion could easily be started. In the words of Niccolo Machiavelli “is it better to be feared than loved?” The answer to this question in Niccolo Machiavelli's mind was it is better to be feared if you cannot be feared and loved at the same time. When being loved people cannot be able to take your word seriously and will do…show more content…
If people were not constantly reminded they could forget after years and years and then think back to themselves that maybe it was just district 13 that couldn't fight and maybe they will have a better chance. Without the constant reminder a district could easily regain the strength to lead another rebellion. If the capital did not use the hunger games as a tool, excommunicate districts, and continue to constantly remind districts of their killings, then a rebellion would be the first thing that would hit the
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