Hunger Games Research Paper

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Happy Hunger Games! May the odds ever be in your favor. The odds are only in my favor cause nobody will defeat me. Your money will be saved. You lost money and won money, but you maybe don’t see that I can win the games, I can. I have spent many hours on working to win these games for many years. The amount of training I do has brought me to the top. I may get hurt, but to get back up so I can win for my sponsors. I may be young, but I will come out victorious as no one would think I could do. I will win cause I am creative, I can use a variety of weapons when needed in combat, and I can shoot a bow and hit my target from 20 feet away, and I'm a great actor. My first, skill is I'm creative. With creativity, I will be able to make my own weapons…show more content…
My up close combat is better than my range, but I'm pretty decent with range, though. The weapons I can fight with is I'm skilled with them I’ve train with them for more than 5 years and my training with them has brought me to the top of my district. With range, I can shoot about 20 ft or more away from the target. With the weapons, I can hunt for food. With knives, I can use to carve my spears and fight. With the swords, I'm pretty fast and with the sword, I know where to hit them so they will die hasty. Another, the skill I have is acting like I could be “sleeping” and other think I’m asleep, but I'm really not sleeping. When they are sleeping and I'm on watch duty I could kill them in their sleep. With my acting, I started very young so I could master the skill for if I had to come into the games. If I join an alliance I will tell no one the skills that I have and pretend that I'm trained in something else instead of the weapon I’m very powerful with like my spear work. Also with my acting work I’m good at bending the truth like saying the I say the closest river that way when the real closets river is like is basically a 5-minute walk from where we
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