Hunger Games Sociological

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Soc 1 Sociological analysis In the movie film The Hunger Games, the nation of Panem is a society very dissimilar to our own. This nation once began with 13 districts, until the thirteenth district chose to take action against the oppressors. They were quickly put down, the remaining 12 districts were punished and were forced to fund two participants which were known as tributes , a boy and a girl of young age to the Capitol each year to compete in the Hunger Games which is a brutal fight to the death. The winner of the huger games is then rewarded with a number of rewards, as well as their home district receives an extra amount of food for one year. The government of Panem administrates these annual “games” as a reminder…show more content…
Other problems with hunger are visible, at one passage of the movie Katniss’ friend Gale pulls out a freshly baked roll of bread and her reaction is enthusiastic,If her response to bread says anything about the food situation then it is that they are on the edge of starvation. Hunger isn’t the only issue shown. The children of District 12 are shown as unsanitary, showing the poor conditions in District 12. The signs of poverty and hunger are just the first signs at the inequality present in Panem. Socialization plays a big part in this film. From different behaviors and values, to ideologies, socialization determines how society is run. The citizens of the Capitol are very different from those in the Districts. Those from the Capitol dress in flashy fashions, dye their hair in very bright colors, wear lots of makeup, speak in accent, and smell in what they call roses. When we see Katniss and the rest of the citizens residing in District 12, they seem to be dressed poorly in comparison, no makeup or hair dyes, and they certainly don’t smell anything like roses. When the ceremony before the hunger games happens, the children who are a part of it are dressed their best, wearing what is most appropriate to look their finest. They are trying to give the viewers the illusion of them being proper for the televised
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