Hunger Games meets Reality

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They usually choose to exaggerate them so readers can see how their society might look in the future, especially if they ignore issues that can grow and become problems. In the case of The Hunger Games (HG), the author, Suzanne Collins, explores issues like the huge inequality of wealth and how the power of television can influence our lives. She does this by portraying the HG as an extreme reality game show where teenagers fight to the death. By highlighting some important connections between our worlds, the author shows us that we may be headed to a place very similar to HG universe. These connections are about how tensions are created by the inequality between rich and poor on television, how an external force like the audience drives ratings higher, and how producers do not care about the message they are sending, as long as the audience watches the show.
Both reality TV game shows and the HG bring people from different socio-economic backgrounds together to intensify tensions. In shows such as “The House that roared,“ the producers “cast for conflict to force drama” in reality TV game shows. This friction is usually artificially created because people in the real world might attempt to get along in some way. In shows such as Big Brother, participants are forced to live together, creating tensions that are not proportional to the real world. This…

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