Hunger In Two Cities Research Paper

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Hunger has always been a problem in the United States. When hearing about food issues most people think about obesity and how it is the main problem; not many people hear as much about hunger as they do obesity, or how the public should be eating certain types of food. In reality, hunger is a massive factor in the world. There are 48.1 million people in America who claim to not get enough meals (Feeding America). In Minnesota alone one in ten families say they do not receive enough food each day (Siple). I am focusing on the Twin Cities area because they have a population of 3.2 million people (Sternberg). Being hungry is an that is dealt with all around the world. To fix this problem the public needs to focus on a certain area, and in a brief…show more content…
Food insufficiency is the struggle to know where one’s next meal will be coming from. One in ten families say they are not receiving enough food each day (Siple). This problem is very serious, our future depends on the lives of people living right now. Nobody should have to suffer through the pain of being hungry. “You can’t build a peaceful world on empty stomachs and human misery” (Borlaug 12). Furthermore, being hungry causes many problems, such as parents having to work several jobs just to provide food for their loved ones. If parents are using food stamps, they can only receive a certain amount of food. Because parents do not have enough money, they have to purchase junk food; however, it is less expensive than healthy food. (Minnesota Department of Health). Children have to go to bed hungry because they did not get to eat supper. Sometimes the only meals these kids get are the ones at school, because they apply for free lunches. Children that are arriving at school who have not eaten much and are hungry. Their performance and grades in school are worse than those who have enough to eat. Studies show that children who are struggling with food insufficiency are more likely to repeat a grade (PR Newswire). The ultimate goal is to get rid of starvation in America. Second Harvest is an organization that comes up with ideas on how to end hunger in America (Ford). They have several links…show more content…
One of his counterarguments was how would a church such as Stanchfield Baptist create all of these baskets for families in the Twin Cities area. Stanchfield Baptist Church would be the main place where these baskets would be made. Other churches would help in the process of making the baskets. Churches within a thirty-mile radius could help to donate or help to make baskets once a month. There are many churches located in this area willing to help for a good cause. In Isanti County alone there are 224 churches (Homepage). Each of the churches in the area could donate and the money donated would be used to buy the food. If fifty churches volunteered their time and donations, there would be no problem in providing ten baskets for ten different families. Fifty was just an estimate, there could always be more or less churches willing to volunteer. Some of these churches could have connections with local grocery stores, providing more donations to make these
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